What’s : Downtown McKinney, TX

Chestnut Square Farmers Market Probably the cutest farmer’s market ever, period. Set among original civil war-era buildings preserved and reconstructed as McKinney’s historic Chestnut Square, the village is a haven for children’s summer camps and hokey ghost tours. A few farmers’ stands were filled with late summer and fall produce, while meat sellers peddled free-range meats and… Read More What’s : Downtown McKinney, TX

Sleepless in Seattle: Top 3 Coffee Shops in the City

Starbucks Roastery Wednesday, 4:oo p.m. 1124 Pike St, Seattle, is not to be underestimated. The corporate presence is like a burnt caramel aftertaste, one that sticks to your tongue despite the irresistible, apron-wearing hipsters who have been exclusively employed to serve customers with Apple-like efficiency. The coffee bar is fully equipped with beakers that bubble over a flame, and cold-brew… Read More Sleepless in Seattle: Top 3 Coffee Shops in the City