Mesero is Dallas’ Taco Restaurant on Every Corner

When people ask me if I want to go out for tacos, I always hesitate. Not because I don’t want tacos – because I’m having a moment of silence for the tacos at Mr. Mesero. Dallas restauranteur Mico Rodriguez is locally known for his hugely successful family of Tex-Mex restaurants, and once again Rodriguez is dominating Dallas’ sit-down taco… Read More Mesero is Dallas’ Taco Restaurant on Every Corner

What’s : Downtown McKinney, TX

Chestnut Square Farmers Market Probably the cutest farmer’s market ever, period. Set among original civil war-era buildings preserved and reconstructed as McKinney’s historic Chestnut Square, the village is a haven for children’s summer camps and hokey ghost tours. A few farmers’ stands were filled with late summer and fall produce, while meat sellers peddled free-range meats and… Read More What’s : Downtown McKinney, TX

Meanwhile in Texas: Sissy’s Southern Kitchen Review

Scenes from my childhood bedroom: an old cowboy hat tacked onto the wall. The white wooden bookshelf and dresser –  “rustic” and “distressed” are words my mother would use to describe them – overflowing with books, model horses and blue ribbons won in riding competitions. This darling blue French toile. So I feel right at home at Sissy’s… Read More Meanwhile in Texas: Sissy’s Southern Kitchen Review

Tupps, Texas

In McKinney, there’s a new micro-brewery in town. Tupps is on deck to be the only other brewery besides Franconia to ever be featured on tap at Oktoberfest in Downtown McKinney this September. Tupps brewery is named for the man, the legend, Tupper Patnode, founder and head brewer. A few retro arcade video games and potted… Read More Tupps, Texas