Everything there is to eat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is surprisingly a lot


Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the kind of place where you can ride a horse through the mountains all day and see a New York City Ballet show at night. The restaurants are just as varied as the culture, ranging from wild caught fish and game to curry and craft beer.



Teton Thai

For the summer and winter travel seasons, Teton Thai in the Teton Village is the best Asian restaurant anywhere in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming. And it’s closed in the off-seasons because the family of chefs goes back to their home in Thailand.

The crispy duck is outrageous. Dark meat fried to tender perfection, with a soft boiled egg yolk hiding in the center.


The dumpling soup had meaty chunks of chicken and pork, lots of dumplings, and shiitakes and bulbs of baby bok choy swimming in rich bone broth. Spicy enough to clear your sinuses right up.


Snake River Brewing Co.

In this town, nothing goes better with everything than the local beer.


Snake River Brewing Co. is a decent lunch spot. The award-winning bison chili is worth a trip. But what really shines is the beer. Which is a good thing for a small-batch, craft brewery. You really can’t go wrong with any of the brews here.


A nice, cozy Italian restaurant worth mentioning because it is where I had the best meal of the trip: squid ink linguine with a runny egg, hazelnuts, English peas, blistered grape tomatoes, and salty fish roe. It smelled amazing and tasted like umami, nuts and briny sea air.



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