Podcast interview with my dad, longtime friend of Chef Charlie Trotter

My dad is a former chef who now works for a company called Turbochef. Throughout his career, he formed a business association and close friendship with Chef Charlie Trotter, who is widely considered one of the best chefs the U.S has ever seen. Growing up, I always heard my dad refer to Trotter with high respect and admiration.

Our family and the entire culinary community was deeply saddened to learn of Trotter’s sudden death on November 5th at the age of 54. When my dad and I were out to dinner together a few nights ago, I started talking with him about the history behind how he and Trotter had become friends. From the best meal my dad has ever had (soft-boiled quail egg rolled in truffle salt) to a wine collection dating back to World War II, it was such an interesting story that we came back to my apartment after dinner and recorded the conversation as a podcast.

Click here to hear the Charlie Trotter podcast


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