The Standard Grill Sets the Standard

Step out of the cab onto the sidewalk in front of The Standard Grill, located in NYC’s hip Meat Packing District, and feel the vibe.

The Standard Grill, located in the Meat Packing District of NYC

The stylish upscale dining room, adorned with penny-inlaid floors, was already buzzing with excitement at 6:30 p.m. Waiters in vests and plaid ties carried out artfully arranged plates of food from the open kitchen.

The ingredient pairings in all of the dishes were very attractive.

The pickled grapes were a subtle refinement of the classic Waldorf salad, and the dressing added a touch of tartness.

Morel mushrooms are a rare species of wild mushroom that cannot be cultivated and grow only in certain forests of the world. Their succulent, rich taste paired exquisitely with the Long Island duck breast that was the centerpiece of the dish. The fresh English peas and puree added a balancing accent to a richly flavorful dish.

To put it plainly, it was the standard by which I will judge all other future uses of duck, morels and peas.

The morel mushrooms were so flavorful that despite their size I could clearly distinguish their taste with a mouthful of duck.
Two of my favorite foods on one plate. Win.



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