What’s : Downtown McKinney, TX

Chestnut Square Farmers Market Probably the cutest farmer’s market ever, period. Set among original civil war-era buildings preserved and reconstructed as McKinney’s historic Chestnut Square, the village is a haven for children’s summer camps and hokey ghost tours. A few farmers’ stands were filled with late summer and fall produce, while meat sellers peddled free-range meats and… Read More What’s : Downtown McKinney, TX

Meanwhile in Texas: Sissy’s Southern Kitchen Review

Scenes from my childhood bedroom: an old cowboy hat tacked onto the wall. The white wooden bookshelf and dresser –  “rustic” and “distressed” are words my mother would use to describe them – overflowing with books, model horses and blue ribbons won in riding competitions. This darling blue French toile. So I feel right at home at Sissy’s… Read More Meanwhile in Texas: Sissy’s Southern Kitchen Review