The Vegan Cookbook I Swear By

Do I eat my greens? Sure do. Am I a vegan? Heck no.

Am I just a sad lactose intolerant person who still craves mac n’ cheese? Pretty much.

That’s where Chef Chloe Coscarelli comes in, with her nutritional yeast-yielding powers and addictive cashew cheese. Her book called Chloe’s Kitchen is a cookbook that almost anyone can get into, despite it being vegan and all.

Hear me out: the absence of any meat that needs braising or browning means that the recipes are basic, easy peasy and mostly healthy – best of all they rely heavily on carbs as a base.

I mean, come on. This was the dairy-free mac n’ cheese I got at by CHLOE., her restaurant in New York City.


And this is the one I made myself from her Vegan Italian Kitchen cookbook:


My favorite from the Italian cookbook is the eggplant parmesan, which is easy to make if you’ve got yourself a blender and a casserole dish. Other too-good-to-be-true goodies include her award-winning ginger nutmeg cupcakes; the falafel burgers; avocado pesto pasta; and curried chickpeas.

Happy World Vegan Day!


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