When people ask where I’m from I say COFFEED

It’s like this place was designed to get me in its doors and keep me here forever. Do I ever leave? They seem to know me pretty well. How long have I been here? The barista smiles at me and punches two holes in my frequent flyer card.


The lighting is a soft greyscale glow, the communal hum level just right. The tunes suggest it might be the 1980s. Then again, the nearest warm body sitting next me on the couch is in fact a giant teddy bear, and there’s a phonograph player on my other side. Cue losing yourself behind a laptop indefinitely.

It’s obvious that COFFEED is first and foremost a roastery. Walk in and look to the right and you’ll see and smell a small industrial-looking kitchen with a small roaster, depthless bins of coffee beans at various stages of processing, and an entire back wall devoted to a cold brew laboratory.

Out of all the components of curating and creating a cup of joe – where the beans were grown, how they were harvested, what went into the roast, etcetera – freshly roasted beans make the most tasteful difference. I like a coffee shop where I can buy my morning cup and take beans home for the rest of my life.

The sumatra dark roast is one of the best I’ve had. Deep, rich earthy notes with a bold roundness in flavor. And if I had coffee dreams, the cappuccino they serve here would be in them.

COFFEED also serves a small but well-rounded menu of breakfast all day, sandwiches, soups and salads. The bread is always crunchy and hot, although the chicken and un-caramelized cauliflower leave some things to be desired. The salad greens are dry, no other way to say it. But the chicken salad with a cookie is a good day. And the coffee will make you a better person.










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