See everything, eat everything at healthy True Food Kitchen, Dallas

Walk up to the door of True Food Kitchen in Dallas and you’ll notice that the entire front of the restaurant is an observation window, including the kitchen. Cooks can be seen washing and prepping huge cases of kale, tomatoes and other fresh veggies in the airy white-tiled kitchen that opens into the bar and dining room.

The only thing standing between you and a delicious healthy meal after stepping inside the modern farm kitchen dining room is a wait for a table. But a crowd is a sure sign of success for this healthy restaurant concept, and the time spent waiting and watching beautiful food as it makes its way from the kitchen might lead you to a decision before you even see the menu.

So it was with the roasted red fish, a picture-perfect arrangement of fish filet served over brussels sprouts, portobello mushrooms and a crunchy wheat grain called freekeh. The fish was tender and flaky inside, with a flavorful crispy char on the outside. The umami sauce on the side was garlicky and spicy and uniquely tied the flavors of the dish together.

After actually reading the menu, the roasted half chicken seemed like a no-brainer. Served atop a bed of spinach, butternut squash and farro with a layer of creamy cannellini bean puree underneath, it was as hearty and comforting as a cozy night by the fire.


As a less conventional entree, the “inside-out” quinoa burger was a Mediterranean remix on a veggie burger that worked. The soft and fluffy  quinoa buns were spread with hummus and stacked sky-high with veggies that were topped with tzatziki sauce.

The salads were big, substantial, and filled with interesting ingredients. The Autumn Ingredient Salad didn’t even have greens in it; brussels sprouts, cauliflower, butternut squash, figs, mulberries and white beans came together with a horseradish vinaigrette for a warm dinner salad.

Part of what makes True Food Kitchen’s flavor profiles so simple and elegant is the fact that the menu is seasonal and many ingredients are organic and sourced locally.

Dr. Weil, co-founder of True Food Kitchen, is a proponent of an integrated approach to medicine that combines Western medicine with alternative practices. His Anti-Inflammatory Diet serves as the foundation for the True Food Kitchen restaurants. Other restaurant locations are in Arizona, Colorado and California.



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