Chocolate hunter

I had a life changing experience today. I had dinner at HG Sply Co. – and then I had dessert.


That, my friends, is a flourless chocolate cake. But here’s where it gets interesting: it’s made from coconut flour. And see that ice cream? It’s made from almond milk.

The menu at HG Sply Co. is heavily influenced by the Paelo diet. Short for paleolithic, this diet essentially cuts out all processed foods, grains, starches, legumes and dairy. What you are left with, supposedly, are foods that humans have evolved to eat by hunting and gathering. I, for one, was born to eat chocolate.

Without giving a full review just yet, I will say that the chocolate cake was the single best dessert I have ever had. Warm with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, it tasted rich and chocolatey without being overly sweet. The vanilla almond milk ice cream was not as rich or creamy as regular ice cream, but it still tasted great with the cake and provided a delicious texture and temperature contrast.

There was no inconsistency in taste or texture that would arouse gluten free or dairy free suspicions. It was pure bliss, and it satisfied a deeply-rooted chocolate-eating instinct.


13 thoughts on “Chocolate hunter

  1. I really enjoyed this blog post (and the picture)! I am a chocolate person myself, but I’m wondering, did the coconut flour influence the flavor in the cake? I think it’s interesting that the restaurant uses ingredients from the paleo diet and turns them into modern-day dishes. It must be pretty vegan-friendly, as far as dessert goes.


    1. Thanks Clara! I am a devout coconut lover, and I will say with complete honesty that this cake had no hint whatsoever of coconut flavor. While the cake is dairy-free, I would assume that it still is made with eggs (those are still allowed on the Paleo diet and are a common ingredient in flourless chocolate cake), which wouldn’t make it vegan. But it is lactose-free and gluten-free.


  2. That looks and sounds delicious! I’m interested in this trend of “healthy” eating and what seems to be playing around with traditional recipes to find new, and fun, ways to recreate a typical dessert–such as chocolate cake with ice cream.


  3. My mouth is watering right now! I have never heard of HG Sply Co. or the Paleo Diet, so I instantly clicked the links you provided after reading your post. I think modeling our diets after our prehistoric ancestors is a very interesting theory. The USN article does cite this diet’s important benefits, but I am curious about how the people who follow this diet compensate for the lack of dairy or grains in their systems. Either way, that cake looks delicious! Are there other eating places in Dallas that have Paleo-influenced menus?


    1. Hi Patricia – I don’t know of any other restaurants in Dallas that are specifically Paleo-themed. It is a diet trend right now that is seeing a rise in popularity, but it is also facing a lot of controversy. The diet encourages a heavy consumption of vegetables and cuts out all processed foods, like white bread and refined sugar. But it also eliminates healthy fiber from whole grains and relies heavily on meat consumption. I was on the Paleo diet for almost all of last year. I was always hungry, and I actually ended up losing more weight than what was healthy for me (which is when I went off the diet). But I appreciate the Paleo way of eating because it is very pure and simple, and I enjoyed eating Paleo-inspired dishes for one night.


    1. Average price of a meat entree (which doesn’t come with anything else) is $25, and the vegetable side dishes are $6 each. There are also bowls, which come with a meat and choice of two vegetables, for $14 (that’s what I had and it was very filling).


  4. I love you blog! First off, it looks very clean and pleasing to the eye (and i’m not just talking about the decadent chocolate picture). Thank you for sharing – I will definitely have to go check out this place as I’m always curious of new healthy eating options and alternative diets! Looking forward to your next post!


  5. Is it bad that I want this whole “paleo” movement to die? I’ve had a handful of friends become complete social recluses just in the name of paleo and have given up so much of their lives in the name of the diet fad that it’s alarming. H.G. Supply Co. is a delicious restaurant though, and that flour-less chocolate cake looks divine. Do you think the paleo trend is a little too intrusive on people’s lives?


  6. […] While the Paleo diet is a current hot topic in the food world, most experts agree that everyone could benefit from more vegetables and higher-quality meats. And if you’re going to go all-out Paleo for a night, you may as well do it right with dishes like duck confit, venison flank, and New York strip. Oh, and who can forget that flourless, refined-sugarless chocolate cake? […]


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